Developed by us
in anticipation of the future

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ECOMAGNET has the technology to enable us to manufacture magnet powder from discarded magnets. ECOMAGNET manufactures a product that takes our  economy and future world into consideration.

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Developed by us,  as we now emerge as a company that will become a reference point in the permanent magnet sector, and one which will also count on the support of CEIT– a research centre with over 30 years’ experience in powder metallurgy.

of material
End product:
Recycled anisotropic NdFeB powder


ECOMAGNET has the technology with the capacity to generate added value that revolves around the concept of circular economy, as its origins lie in discarded permanent magnets. We are thus able to keep down costs for industry and, moreover, supply chains are able to maintain their capacity at sustained levels without depending on external resources.

Another key factor of ECOMAGNET is that it helps protect and maintain natural resources via the creation of a new economic, profitable, competitive and, above all, sustainable model.

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ECOMAGNET objectives

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The aim of  ECOMAGNET is to recover sintered NdFeB magnets that have been discarded owing to breakage, manufacturing faults, or have reached the end of their useful life in machinery in which they were in operation, etc.

Recovery of these materials involves the separation and classification of discarded magnets, manufacture of recycled NdFeB magnet powder using our own technology, mixing of powder with an epoxy resin, and relaunching of the product on the market via commercialization of the powder. Thus, the product offered by ECOMAGNET will consist of recycled anisotropic NdFeB powder mixed with resin which, in turn, will then be used as raw material for the manufacture of anisotropic bonded NdFeB magnets.

Manufacture of recycled powder
Recovery of NdFeB magnets
Circular economy