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Recovery, separation and classification of sintered NdFeB magnets

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Manufacture of recycled NdFeB magnet powder using our own technology

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A sustainable economic model to help protect the environment

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We are reimagining the market for permanent magnets

After 8 years’ development and intense work at CEIT, ECOMAGNET has emerged with a view to reimagining the market for permanent magnets. Taking our economy and future world , ECOMAGNET has the technology to enable us to manufacture magnet powder from discarded magnets. 

Discover all the details about ECOMAGNET


ECOMAGNET technology enables a product to be made to manufacture magnets linked to more stable performance according to different requirements.

What ECOMAGNET provides

ECOMAGNET can only entail advantages for industry: cost reduction, availability and operation via a sustainable economic model.

Applications and sectors

ECOMAGNET has developed a new product that has been devised to revolutionize industrial environments – both magnet manufacturers and those producing components and machinery – in which magnets are required in their production processes.