Mubil Mobility Awards Ecomagnet 2

Mubil Mobility Awards

We at ECOMAGNET are very proud of having won the 1st MUBIL Mobility Awards that took place on 20th September at Tabakalera. We celebrate this award bestowed on the best project related to sustainable mobility.

During the event, our co-founder and director Kenny Alvarez presented the industrial scaling project for the recycled NdFeB magnetic powder manufacturing process. In the course of the act, he clearly summarised the objectives of our ECOMAGNET project, its main features and the main advantages it offers.

Mubil Mobility Awards Ecomagnet 3

When handing over the prize, the President of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Markel Olano, drew attention to the fact that MUBIL constitutes the fruits of a major conviction towards the economy of the future within a territory that has such a noteworthy industrial DNA and continues to provide responses to climate change.

The prize consists of a financial provision of €25,000, together with a workspace at MUBIL for a year and integration into the MUBIL ecosystem itself.  Additionally, the award includes ECOMAGNET participation in the “Go Mobility by MUBIL” event to be held on 2nd and 3rd March 2022 at the Ficoba exhibition site in Irun.


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You can access the whole event via the following video, with the ECOMAGNET project presentation from minute 13:30: