About the ECOMAGNET magnet


The ECOMAGNET product comprises recycled anisotropic NdFeB magnet powder mixed with an epoxy resin (Bonded Powder).

The ECOMAGNET product consists of raw material for the manufacture of anisotropic bonded NdFeB magnets.

Advantages of using bonded magnets

What ECOMAGNET provides

High magnetic performance
features at a reasonable cost

Neodymium (Nd) and dysprosium (Dy), which are elements widely used in magnet manufacture, form part of the group of high-cost rare earths. With  ECOMAGNETwe avoid the natural dependence on these raw materials whereby we are able to keep down costs and have more control over them via recycling. Additionally, new magnets manufactured using the ECOMAGNET product do not cause any significant increase in temperature when they are in operation, which enables them to maintain performance according to different requirements.

Availability and autonomy in terms of supply

Apart from cost control, ECOMAGNET  also enables there to be immediacy and autonomy in terms of supply for industries that use magnet powder in their production process. With ECOMAGNET, supply chains are able to maintain their capacity at sustained levels without depending on external resources. This new system will increase the local availability of raw materials in order to produce permanent bonded magnets and set a new standard in the sector via the creation of new recycled magnetic products.

This contributes towards a new, more sustainable economic model

ECOMAGNET helps protect and maintain natural resources via the creation of a new economic model based on the recycling and recovery of secondary elements that contain permanent magnets and have been discarded, as well as the reprocessing of magnets to produce a new product. A new, more profitable and competitive model, albeit one that is also sustainable, because apart from generating greater wealth for the economies within our milieu, it takes our environment and future planet into consideration, thus generating a circular economy system.

To whom is ECOMAGNET aimed

Main applications

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Electric motors
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Electric generators
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Hard disks
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Wind energy
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Car industry
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Electrical household appliances